Powerful FX Technology for Brokers and Institutions
Key Spotex Facts
Ultra Low Latency,
24/7 Operation
Spotex technology supports sub millisecond internal (RT) matching on a true 24/7 cycle without end-of-day shutdowns
Proprietary Matching
Spotex optimizes order book liquidity using proprietary, performance-based matching logic to prioritize high performing liquidity providers
Distributed Architecture
Spotex's distributed architecture scales horizontally and vertically to handle hundreds of thousands of orders per second
Meet Spotex
Spotex launched in 2014 with FX ECN-based technology built specifically to address shortcomings in existing systems and to provide new opportunities for market participants.
Spotex's modular technology enables FX brokers and institutional market participants to create their own, innovative trading paradigms. These include disclosed DMA liquidity pools for Institutions and discrete liquidity hubs for Brokers as well as direct access to a low latency ECN.
Today, Spotex provides foreign exchange technology and liquidity solutions to leading global brokers and institutions.
Spotex technology uses agile programming methodologies to support automated trade reconciliation and smart order routing, which mitigate platform and technology risks. Brokers and institutions rely on Spotex's technology and ECN to execute trades and manage risk around the clock under all conditions.
Spotex has delivered meaningful innovation starting with its launch. Innovations include the ECN's continuous 24/7 weekly cycle, without end-of-day shutdowns, and proprietary performance-based matching logic.
In 2019 Spotex launched Periscope™ enabling prime brokers, prime-of-primes, and brokers to extend ECN access to clients of downstream sub brokers.
Our Partners
Access to Spotex is provided via leading FX prime brokers and prime-of-prime brokers. Please contact us for more information.
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